FRP/GRP Poles Manufacturer, FRP Lighting Poles Benefits & it’s Uses in Industry

Satyam Composites is one of the leading manufacturers of FRP/GRP Poles in India. our manufactured FRP Poles meet the highest international standards for their high strength, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, Mechanical strength, long life and safety. Satyam Fiberglass Poles are typically 40 to 50%  lighter than steel poles and wood poles which make FRP Poles easier to handle, Installation and reduced work time.

“Satyam” Make Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite pole are Corrosion Resistance, Lightweight, highly reliable and long Service Life. FRP GRP Poles are widely used in lighting poles, Traffic Light Poles, FRP Street Light Poles, FRP Flag Poles, Electrical Poles &  FRP Cross arm.

Manufactured from various carefully selected resin systems that our Poles are designed to deliver many years of reliable service, outperforming the traditional materials. Our FRP street light poles can withstand wind load up to 180kms/hr. Our FRP Poles are also approved by Road & Building department of Gujrat and awarded by Several Nagarpalikas and Municipal corporation.

Manufacturing Process of FRP/GRP Pole

Satyam Composites manufacture FRP Poles with Centrifugal Casting Process in which resin content is about 50 to 60% which provides excellent chemical resistance properties with Longer life of FRP Poles. Our Manuafcturing Process of FRP Poles in which layers of glassfiber cloth are spreaded on the inside wall of a tubular mold which rotates  at 800 RPM, then catalyzed liquid resin is injected into the rotating mold. Centrifugal forces ensures that the reinforcing fibers are thoroughly saturated with resin and the mold continue to rotate while the resin cures, high Quality and void free FRP Poles is formed.

We are the leading FRP Lighting Poles manufacturers in India, we also supplied our FRP Street light poles in UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, Sri Lanka, Europe & Many others countries. We have also executed many projects of

FRP Composties Poles are also manufactured in Filament winding process and Pultursion Process.

FRP Poles are highly beneficial for environment by replacing chemically treated wood poles as well as Galvanised Poles which are corroded easily in the hazardous area.

FRP Pole Manufacturer
FRP Light Pole Manufacturing Process

Dimensions, Length and Weight of FRP Pole.

1 3 METER 76 126 6 TO 7 12.45
2 4 METER 76 143 6 TO 7 16.60
3 5 METER 76 160 6 TO 7 25.00
4 6 METER 76 176 6 TO 7 33.50
5 7 METER 76 193 6 TO 7 40.68
6 8 METER 76 210 6 TO 7 46.50
7 9 METER 76 227 6 TO 7 52.20
8 10 METER 76 243 6 TO 10 60.50
9 11 METER 76 260 7 TO 10 82.50
10 12 METER 76 277 8 TO 10 90.00



ANSI C 136.20 1990 Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP) Lighting Pole.
IS 875(PART 3)-1987 Code of Practice for Design Loads For Building & Structures – WIND LOAD.
IS 6746 Polyester Resin System.
ASTM D 149 Dielectric Strength
ASTM D 256 Impact Strength
ASTM D 790 Flexural Strength
ASTM D 638 Tensile Strength
ASTM D 2584 Glass Content
ASTM D 695 Compressive Strength
ASTM D 177 Thermal Conductivity
ASTM D 696 Co-efficient of Linear expansion
ASTM D 635 Fire Test


Pole Process Manufactured by Centrifugal Casting Process/ Filament Winding Process
Resin System ISO resin system.
Poles Sizes 2 to 12 Mtrs
Pole Thickness 6 mm to 10 mm as per pole height
Tolerance in Length +/- 25mm.
Tolerance in Thickness +/-0.5mm.
Glass Content ASTM D2584-11 45-55%
Specific Gravity 1.5 TO 1.95 gm/cm3
Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 250±50 MPA
Flexural Strength ASTM D 790 250±50 MPA
Compressive Strength ASTM D 695 250±50 MPA
Impact Strength ASTM D 256-10 ≥180 KJ/M2
Water Absorption ASTM D 570 ≤ 0.5%
Surface Colour Shade Polyurethane Paint of Shade- As per Requirement
Accessories (Optional) FRP single Arm, FRP Double Arm, FRP Internal Junction Box, FRP External Junction Box, MS Base Bracket, J Arm with FRP coating
Hardware SS Hardware
Wind Load Our Poles are tested and will withstand high wind load up to 180KM/HR with a maximum deflection of 10%.
Specification: MS Base Bracket (12 mm Thk.) with suitable size with four holes suitable for anchor fasteners.


FRP Pole Accessories are mainly FRP Single Arm, FRP Double Arm and FRP Triple Arm for fixing light as per site requirement. FRP Street light Junction box are pre installed in Poles, Base Bracket with J type Bolt are also used for Installation of FRP Poles.

Advantages of FRP/GRP Poles

FRP Poles have tremendous advantages and convenient when compared to wooden poles, Galvanised poles and Metal Poles. Our Poles are designed to last more than 50 years on average in the harshest environment. FRP Poles will not decompose neither corrode and can withstand severe weather and harsh conditions. FRP Street Light Poles are appreciable to environment.

Here are the some major benefits:

  1. Low transportation cost with ease of Installation at very cheaper cost.
  2. Zero Maintenance for FRP Lighting pole.
  3. Fire retardant property make it ideal for electrical installations.
  4.  Corrosion Resistance so it can provide long life & suitable for chemical zones and coastal areas.
  5. Saves humans life in case of road accidents.


1) Road lighting                                                        2) Airport areas

3) Advertising poles                                                4) Solar lighting

5) Park lighting                                                         6) Flag poles

7) Traffic lighting                                                      8) Malls & Multiplexes lighting

9) Defence areas                                                       10) Plants & Industries Lighting


  1. Chemical/Petrochemical Sectors
  2. Offshore Industries
  3. Oil & Gas Sector
  4. Solar Projects
  5. Smart City Projects
  6. Roads and Highways Projects
  7. Building & Construction Projects
  8. Power sectors
  9. Projects of municipal corporations (Highways/Gardens/Road/Streets/River Front etc.)

FRP Pole Price

We have designing ,engineering and testing facilities  at our factory  our FRP Pole price is very economical to other manufacturers,  as we have large production capacity we can supply more than 5000 numbers of FRP Pole per month. Our GRP/FRP Poles are tested as per ASTM Standard and IS Standards.

Installation Procedure of FRP Street Light Poles

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