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We are the manufacturer of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Grating Walkways, commonly known as FRP Walkways. Over the last several years, FRP Walkways for solar industries has tremendous demand for rooftop installation. Corrosion of Galvanised and Mild steel grating has an extensive drawback in solar rooftop installation. FRP solar walkways have attractive benefits for rooftop installation, they do not at all corrode in any weather conditions & Increase safety and structural Performance.

Satyam Composites Manufacture FRP Walkway has more than 25 years of life span and we have designed a sustainable solution that will extend the life cycle of rooftop installation. FRP Solar walkway grating has many benefits:

–              It is corrosion-free

–              It has a high tensile strength

–              excellent durability

–              and is 4x lighter than steel.

–              The lightweight nature of composite rebar makes it cheaper to transport and is quicker to install with less worker fatigue.

Our FRP Solar Walkway Grating comes in different widths such as 270mm,310mm,350mm,390mm, and many more.

We can supply our FRP Solar Walkway Grating in 25mm height, 30mm height, 38mm Height, and 50mm height with loading capacity from 250 kg to 1000 kg per meter.

We have supplied our FRP Solar walkways to more than 500 EPC Solar Contractors in India as well as Abroad.






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